Final Post: Stars of our Trip

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Our gallery of “stars” from Oregon to Maine. These are the Challenged Athletes we had the privilege to spend time with along our journey!

   The amazing One Arm Willie , Boise Idaho

Determined Rachel from Boise Idaho

Resourceful Hassan from Kennewick, Wash

Resilient Meg from Missoula, Montana

Baseball Sam & family from Bozeman, Mon

Exuberant Kolton & family from Fargo,ND

Minneapolis CAF grant recipients & family

Mark and His wife Rachel in St Paul , Minn

Wonderful St Paul CAF group,  Minnesota 

Undaunted Blake in Duluth, Minnesota

CAF partipants at Invictus Games, Toronto

Amy & Sharona with Prince Harry, Toronto 

Margaret the swimmer in Niagra Falls, NY

Easygoing Mac & his buddy Frank, Vermont

Charming Keegan in Auburn, Maine 

A final “huge” thank you to all of you who supported incredible athletes just like them! Your generosity enabled us to raise beyond our goal of $150,000 for Challenged Athletes 🎉. Thank you for following along to hear their stories and get to know them as we did. Truly the highlight of our 10 weeks crossing this beautiful country! 

We also want thank each of the CAF grant recipients we met for allowing us to take time out of their busy lives to meet with us! CAF is proud to support your pursuits in sports.  You are truly the heart of our mission👍! 

Best always and God bless, 

Bill (thestache) and Amy 


  1. What a great way to wrap it all up!!!  There might have been some tears shed with this one…

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      1. There are no words and yet so many words to capture what you have accomplished… sharing, inspiring, motivating, spreading joy and encouragement and kindness for humanity for those with challenges most of us will never understand. And yet we get great understanding from their strength, fight and determination. Thank you Bill and Amy for shining your light on them, and their light on us. As I say, “Perpetuate the Positive. BE part of the Good Sports Story.” you do and you are, to the nth degree. “) Jane


  2. Jane
    Such a sweet back thanks for your gracious comments! We really enjoyed the journey and especially the amazing people we met along the way! Big compliment coming for the consummate story teller!! Love seeing pictures of your daughter she is growing up fast!
    Bill and Amy


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