Homeward Bound 

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Ahh…sleeping in your own bed after so many weeks away was a delight! We arrived in Idaho last night after driving back across America , 45 hours driving the Tin Can through middle of US was a slog! High winds (40+) made it more challenging with an RV. Indiana ,Nebraska and Wyoming all run together with mile after mile of highway through our heartland.

We did two side trips along the way back, first was in Culver Indiana where I went to HS…45 years ago! First time back, it’s a beautiful place with SD had roots with the Reuben Fleet Center pictured below.  Amy and I in front of my old barracks at Culver,  yes it’s a military academy! Women are half of the student enrollment now (only a few when I was there). Then we stopped in Nebraska for a late round of golf at a very interesting course! 

We stayed in some really high quality places, Hampton and Comfort Inn’s and this place with a kitchen😬 for Amy’s famous tomato soup and toasted cheese!! Last night we were at the Outlaw Inn in Rock Springs where Butch Cassidy worked in a butcher shop before robbing trains with the Sundance Kid! Of course there the Testicle Festival in Nebraska we passed  (not sure what that’s about?!)😳😳

We both admit we miss the routine and riding.  It seems like yesterday we were arriving on the east coast of Maine! I know in a week or two when I’m back at work I will wander off , back on the road reliving so many great spots! We wouldn’t trade this experience for anything , thanks for following along and supporting our efforts👍!!  CAF has been a great partner and we have been blessed with good weather, safe passsage and meeting inspiring, wonderful people along the way! Our mission has been fulfilled by raising over our goal of $150K for Challenged Athletes! 

Wow, we are humbled by your support , comments , prayers, encouragement along the way!! Until we see you on the road again …best always!!

Bill ( The Stache) and Amy 


  1. From a brand new rider just a few years ago to an accomplished, cross country rider now. You show us that growth is possible at any age even as old as you are! Tom T-Bone Smith

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  2. Awe…. I’m wiping a tear as I hear the sadness in your story 😘😘. What a great adventure. You were able to capture some magnificent pictures and they will all linger in your heart and mind.
    Welcome home💙💙. It was a fantastic ride even for us 😂😂😂😂 Love you all so much. Bill M is in Madegascar so I’m sending the congrats for both of us 😎😎


  3. Amen!!! So happy for all the people you two have touched with the love of Christ!
    You personal cheer leader,
    Mary 🙏💞


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