Reflections from the Road 

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We are on our way home in the Tin Can! It’s a 42 hour drive back to Idaho and then we fly home. Good news ….we are in Toledo Ohio and we have driven 17 hours so far! Today we got up and rode our bikes together for two hours before we got back on the road…crazy huh!! The Tin Can has recovered , we spent two days waiting for parts in Bangor Maine (not a hot spot😳!). Some crazy diesel monitoring system gone haywire, best news the bill = zero , which included having it towed an hour to the dealer….whew!!Camping and driving is the formula, now that we are behind,  it’s some long days on the road! Bar Harbor was an amazing break , hiking Acadia National Park with friends and some incredible sunsets!!

I must admit that there is a let down after the euphoria of completing this cross country sojourn. Reflecting back on the routine , coordinating places to stay , packing & unpacking , meeting Challenged athletes and of course grinding out daily rides….there is a huge sense of accomplishment and purpose…we both really enjoyed the challenge of it all! Although , Amy was “very” supportive of me going back to work when I get back home (3+month interim role helping out the SD Downtown Partnership)…Can’t blame her after 6 straight weeks in the Tin Can together 😬!! Some of you have asked what was the best part? Riding in the Columbia Gorge, Nez Pearce Idaho, the Badlands ND, northern Michigan and the Adirondack Mtns were my favorites! Burning 200,000 calories over 10 weeks and eating everything in site was a real treat👍. Meeting people along the way who would intently listen to our story and hand us cash to support Challenged Athletes was very cool! Actually experiencing something neither of us have done and doing it together was priceless!! 

Connecting with friends and sharing part of the journey with them was also a great part of all of this! Ultimately the biggest highlight throughout was visiting with all the Challenged Athletes we had the privilege of spending time with along the way! Kristine at CAF was very helpful setting up our visits. With out exception they were inspiring and heartwarming in so many ways!! They have been the stars ✨ of this trek and they were most certainly the main purpose! If you haven’t had a chance to contribute to these wonderful athletes you still can. Go to the drop down menu on this blog to donate and click through the link. All funds will go directly to Challenged Athletes and help them pursue their dreams. Thanks👍!

Back on the road , homeward bound!!


  1. On the road again ?? This time behind the wheel. So glad the TC is doing it’s part after all the work you and Amy have done. The pictures of the people and places you’ve seen are so wonderful.
    I hope you feel fulfilled after giving so much of yourself. U r truly unique BillyGepp. Unlike any one I’ve ever known. So thankful you accomplished your goal and completed it safely. Press on to the next adventure !!! I’ll miss the blog and the pictures. My love to you n Amy ♥️💙


  2. Bill/Amy– I worked in Toledo for Owens-Corning Fiberglas running the Aerospace & defense Division, you two could have gone to see my old home at 3400 Cheltenham near the college



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