Met Delightful Keegan 

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In Auburn Maine we had the pleasure of meeting Challenged athlete Keegan and her Mom Missy. Keegan recently received a grant from CAF for a bike that she plans ride and participate with her Dad in the 180 mile Trek Across Maine next summer! I shared with her One Arm Willie’s accomplishments in Leadville this year with an adaptive mountain bike, she was impressed.What a bright, charming, poised young lady, Keegan has just begun her first year in college. She mentors and coaches other young people with disabilities at summer camps called “Camp No Limits”. She is quite the draw with her determined spirit and very likable personality. Once a shy and quiet student she is now an articulate, confident spokesperson and very effective being up front sharing her personal story. 

Her Mom was so proud of her and clearly is very supportive by finding opportunities for her and is of course her #1 fan! Another visit that was balm for our soul, sweet people who are making a difference!We stayed at this quaint B&B in Naples Maine and got to know this group,  sitting on the porch, going to dinner and here having breakfast. What a nice collection of people from Chicago and California , we had a lot of fun , conversations and laughs!!

A friend told me that he didn’t want to see a bunch of scenery pictures, but I can’t help it, it’s just so beautiful each day up here!👍Ok how about pictures eating?!  🦀 love these Road side lobster rolls😋. Mussels for dinner last night ,Oh My they were so good!

Back on the road today with only two days and 125 miles to go!! On the homestretch😊


    1. I love the scenery pictures! If you start posting too many food pictures then you’re following in the footsteps of your sisters! Gabriel just asked me last weekend in Hilton Head why Grandmom and Ruth Anne always takes pictures of their food, next trip he’ll be asking why Uncle Bill is doing it now?! 🙂 Good luck on the final miles!


      1. Thanks Billy Mint!! It was great to get there and now I’m a bit sad not to have this bhag goal out there!! Hope your well and I know doing your own amazing stuff!!


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