Fall in Vermont 

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Woke up yesterday , left the Best Western (we have points!) and started  a 7 mile uphill climb 😳, 1,500 feet to Mt Killington. This was like Big Sur morning on our MDC rides, wake up and start climbing! I should have known since Killington is known as a Vermont Ski area (maybe it was better that I didn’t know!).  There is something exhilarating and exhausting about a big climb however the IT bans are aching today! Vermont is beautiful and they love their cycling , we saw many weekend riders (one drafting behind a Prius withhatchback  open, she was easily doing over 30mph😬) enjoying the cool day!

Leaves are changing and patches of vibrant colors abound. New England in the fall is amazingly appealing , we miss this on the west coast,  the change of seasons with brilliant foliage and flowers!

Back to the Tin Can camping ( banging around in the night😳) after spending an upgrade anniversary night in the Best West! We had a delightful dinner with Mac and his friend Frank in Rutland Vermont. Mac is a CAF grant recipient, purchased a used tandem bike and enjoys the hills. Both he and Frank are blind but love sports like paddle boarding, cycling and skiing! Mac works as a grant writer for adaptive skiers and “pays it forward” by helping others with physical challenges. Great guys and lively evening of conversation and  pot roast,  pork tenderloin comfort foods!! 

Two of the most enjoyable things on the road ( it’s been 9 weeks now!) is a hot shower at the end of a tiring day (showered in some very small tight quarters😅) and a good cup of hot coffee in the morning!!Of course traveling with a good woman is essential (Amy has been a Saint through all of this😊),  who puts up with all of the bike stuff, helmets and gloves, jackets and wet shoes!?! (Emily Post would not approve)…as clean as we try to keep ( I try to follow instruction😬) it is still cluttered and well a Tin Can! Onward we ride, cooler and wet as we press on. Over 3,000 miles have been pedaled, 9 weeks on the road, travelled through 11 states, met over 50 challenged athletes and families, written 40 blog posts and raised  over $145,000 for CAF and the YMCA scholarship program!! We couldn’t do this level of fundraising with out your generous support! Special thanks again for the extremely generous donations from the Roth’s, Walton’s, J&L Pie company, Waring’s, Sudberry’s  and the Burnham’s which made the $2:1 match possible👍💪!

Thank you , thank you,  thank you to all of you for following us and supporting challenged athletes!!! One more week to go!


  1. What a funny Wanted sign! Hang in there ! Lol
    I love the way you guys compliment each other.
    One more week! I’m sure your bodies would enjoy a break.


  2. So beautiful. Can’t imagine the joy you feel in the presence of your new friends. Enjoy your journey we’re enjoying it through you 2. Bill Gepp you are a gifted storyteller !! I feel like I’m right there with you all. Be safe♥️♥️


  3. Love the “Good Women” qualifications!! Didn’t want a picture of the woman at all!! No need…😬 More beautiful pictures. Same beauty here in MN. Flying home Thursday. Be safe! 🍂🍃🍁💺💺


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