Cycling the Adirondacks

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“Rollers” through the hills with a myriad of small hunting & fish camps scattered among the forest , lakes and streams. It’s easy to see why so many come to this area in the summer months. Most have packed up and gone home, 

The cabin we stayed in last night on Fourth Lake ( Inlet NY) closes for the winter Saturday , yet we have been blessed with unusually warm wether in the 70’s! Locals shake their heads and say it’s usually cold and raining now. Perfect for cycling these hills!! 

The leaves have started to change but have stopped with the warm weather so the color isn’t as vibrant but you can still enjoy the beauty of the fall season in up state New York👍.I enjoy these quiet days in the hills, riding my bike all day every day while surrounded by thick woods , an occasional deer and ut oh another hill ahead😳! One becomes lost in thoughts of a beloved family , those here with us and those we have said goodbye to. Thoughts of a life of community and colleagues that you have worked side by side to make a difference. A wife that I have spent 38 years with (today is our anniversary!) and thankful the Lord  brought us together to share this journey of life!! We are having an elegant breakfast at a diner to celebrate👍😊( I have a good woman!) Here we are in these hills and as the miles go by feeling even more blessed to be able to enjoy this beautiful country  , talk with people with different accents and experience this together! We ride on….blessed in God’s cathedral!!


  1. Happy anniversary!!! 38 years is a huge accomplishment especially if you still love one another and want to be together after all that time. My aunt & uncle used to have a “hut” in the Adirondacks. It is a beautiful place to be. I have truly enjoyed following your journey.


    1. Deanna thanks for nice note! Love and patience have carried us through (and the TinCan living😬!) Adirondacks are really beautiful if we lived near we would love visiting a hut here!!


  2. Happy Anniversary Amy and Billy! I bet you can’t forget our accents! 😂 We are so proud of you two and your amazing journey for humanity. Most of all, we’re blessed to have you as friends for so long. Love to you both! ❤️ Deborah and Roger


  3. Bill G—you are AWESOME,

    I love my bike, and you too,

    I’m also happy in love,

    Keep shining the light, and turning the crank over,

    what a wonderful trip you’re on,

    all day, every day,

    Happy Anniversary,

    roll on forever,

    I’m happy for and proud of,

    and quite a bit jealous,

    THANK YOU, for our lives, BW


    1. BillW you and Duane were the inspiration that got this cycling started and it an indescribable joy to be on this journey with my Bride!! New England in the fall…..air is crisp, leaves changing color….we roll on!👍😊


  4. Happy Anniversary, you two. 🎂 You are so blessed to have eachother 💝💝. So happy for you!! Enjoy each other’s special differences and gifts. I agree…you have a very good women!!! Love to you both. ☺☺ Great photos, by the way. 📷


  5. Your journey is inspiring and I read every post. You have good people in your life because you are a good person. Your wife is amazing! The countryside is charming and the mission extraordinary. Thanks for letting an ordinary gal like me tag along vicariously! Hugs, Cami


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