Impressive Niagra Falls 

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We have never been here before so it was a real treat for both of us. Beautiful from the Ontario side with stunning views of the powerful falls and with a rainbow 🌈 !It was our day off and our timing was good as it rained , weather turned cold and then the sun came out, so better than riding in it! My wife has bit of daredevil in her so she wanted to zip-line the falls! I have to admit this seemed a little crazy but as I have always told our kids, ‘your Mom has a little crazy in her and I advise you not to mess with her😬😅!!’

Wow and she did it in the rain!! Won’t catch me doing this!  Ride across the country ok , but not suspended hundreds of feet up over a boiling waterfall….not a chance!😳

Good day ( on the ground) together off the bikes as tourists.  We have ridden over 2,800 miles with only one-quarter of our ride across america remaining,  up through New York, Vermont and Maine! ( can’t wait for the lobster-fest in Bar Harbor😋!). 

We concluded our day by getting together with Margaret , who lives in the beautiful Niagra on the Lake, for a windy late afternoon visit for drinks and a snack!         A delightful lady who is a Competitve swimmer and CAF grant recipient. Last year she completed a 5K open water swim competition! She has been swimming most of her life after losing her leg above the knee when she was young. She is a keen scuba diver with her friend Francois who is a more recent amputee but a swimmer, diver and accomplished scuba traveler. He said Margaret is his inspiration!!She left us with a great bottle of wine from their Niagra wine country and my wife in tears. Sweet people that we were , once again, taken with and moved by their story and kind, generous spirit! We feel SO blessed every time we spend time with these appreciative and inspiring athletes!

Now we are traversing the Erie Canal in NY. Over 500 miles of canals were built in the late 1800’s by the Irish , which opened up the transportation of vegetables from these furtile NY farming lands. Many fresh fruit and vegatable stands dot the landscape as we enjoy the beauty of the canal paths!! Tonight we are in Rochester having just devoured a steak dinner after a 65 mile day!   Back home ……..we miss our family , the Chargers are winless ( still rooting for Rivers) , the Padres season is over and the Aztecs are 5-0!!! 


  1. May God continue to bless you and Amy as you bless others in His name. The Falls ARE amazing. So is your wife…flying like that. I think you can add those miles to your total!!! Tom and I leave for MN tomorrow. Ill show my sister how Amy can fly!!! 😱💗


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