Cobble Beach Canada 

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North of Owen Sound this is a beautiful place! Finished our 60 miles and we were two happy bikers to arrive at Cobble Beach!

We had a wonderful dinner and sat out under the stars over looking the Sound in this majestic spot last night. The I squeezed in a round of golf ( I know crazy after riding for 4 hours!) and it was magical, Rick came out and rode with me snapping pictures ….of himself😳!We have enjoyed being with Rick and Sara this week, many laughs and the time on the road passes much more quickly when discussing everything from religion, work, cycling , baseball , politics 😳 and life!!

I don’t think they will miss the Tin Can but may miss our Canada adventures! (including the interesting places I booked in advance, one that was in Ohio 😬 and another with an eccentric pack rat lady in her house by the lake).
 We are off to Toronto and a meet greet tonight with CAF supported Athletes at the Invictus games and then on to Niagra Falls!!


  1. Thanks for the update Billy.

    After Toronto and on your way to Niagara Falls be sure to see the pretty, quaint and touristy small town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. It’s on your way and a great place to visit.


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  2. Looks like more beautiful sights with water views! Glad you enjoyed your Buddie riding with you!! Be sure to go to Niagara on the Lake , Canadian side ! Beautiful little town with Many flowers! We leave for Hilton Head on Friday for 10 days. Taking Cooper and Spencer to dinner Saturday night. Also invited Coops girlfriend, but don’t know if she will be coming. Love, your sis

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