Michigan Coast Beauty 

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I could live here if the weather was like this all the time! We are rolling down the coast from the Machinac bridge following Lake Michigan down the west side of the state!Many trails and lots of scenery, weather has been perfect. Amy has become the committed cycler , today she set her new best-ever riding 55 miles 👍 Very proud of her although she is fast asleep now!!

We stopped at the Michigan Cycling Trail place today. They are super organized and have all kinds of trails to ride safely throughout the state. Great place for a summer cycle trip!

Machinac Island was terrific , very touristy but worth the ferry ride over to see. We toured the Grand Hotel ( much like the Del) and they had pictures of the “Somewhere in Time” movie 🎥 on display ( great movie!). 

We have now covered 600 miles in the 2nd half and 2,350 miles overall with about 1,200 to go to Maine. Onward tomorrow toward Detroit to pick up my cycling buddy Rick and his wife Sarah for four days of riding together up into Ontario. We have some great places picked out for them to stay in, quaint bed and breakfasts!!😳Thanks again to all of you who have sent comments, generously given donations and for your enthusiastic support!! All are appreciated more than you know! We have raised over $138,000 for CAF , amazing the difference we are going to make for our challenged athletes in 2018 thanks to you 👍😊!!


  1. Bill: Route from west coast of Michigan to Detroit? I grew up, and still family farm, about 25 miles SW of Ann Arbor. Tecumseh is the town. This is a beautiful time of year in Michigan. Even more beautiful as the leaves turn golden/red. Enjoy. Love the blog of your bicycle trip to benefit CAF. David

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    1. David…it was beautiful! We came down the west coast near the Lake through Harbor Springs , Traverse City , toward Bay City. We then drove to Detroit to pick up our friends who flew into to join us. Then went up into Canada Port Huron and rode all the way to Owen Sound ( not as pretty ) so we didn’t make it as far south as Ann Arbor. We are in Lake Ontario in a campground this morning in NY, will ride into the Adirondack Mtns today to Vermont. Leaves haven’t started changing yet, looking forward to that! Thanks for following along!!


  2. I’m so happy you got a chance to tour the Grand Hotel. Big John and I watched that movie every year, usually on or around our anniversary. Love Jane Seymore. Keep enjoying and carry on, so proud of Amy’s 55!!! 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲


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