Met Blake in Duluth 

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Blake is an engaging 14 year old CAF grantee who was born with spina bifida. He  explained matter of factly how he has had 13 operations yet remarkably hand-cycles, has become an accomplished skier and plays competitive ice hockey! We had the pleasure of spending time with Blake and his Dad Troy after a full day of riding. He proudly told us how CAF had helped him with his cycle, hockey sled and his Dad proudly showed us a video of his skiing prowess. Blake explained how each snow season he would take it to the next level first being tethered then last year skiing (really well!) by himself with impressive skill and speed. He told us he now keeps up with his 19year old brother on the slopes!  He was a joy to be with.  Blake is affable,-with a great smile, determined , aware of his challenges , loves his sports , focused on doing anything physical like scuba diving!Thanks Blake and Dad Troy you made our day and CAF wishes you continued enjoyment and success!!

Onward…we are now in Wisconsin catching the big one! Rode 70 miles yesterday on these magnificent trails from Mercer to Eagle River. God’s cathedral as the Wisconsin lakes and forest embraced us on these paths on a perfect day!Thanks for following along with us and meeting our deserving  CAF grant  recipients. With each visit we are reminded how important these grants are and how our tag line of “changing lives” is very real!


  1. I just wanted to say Thanks for everything you and Amy are doing for CAF and kids like Blake. It was a great pleasure to be able to meet and spend time with you. Looks like you are doing good on your travels. Keep it up and look forward to more updates.

    Safe Travels,



  2. Good morning Bill and Amy. The people yiu are meeting alongwsy are amazing. An encouragement to us as we see their determination. Be safe in those hills I hope there are only fish in those hills and no bear!! Be safe you two we love watching your adventure.


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