Minnesota Rolling!

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The Stachecycler’s girlfriend is rolling covering over 100 miles in the first 3days! Beautiful rail to trail bike paths as we ride up in northern Minnesota, weather has been hot with nice breeze😊.

We had dinner in Minneapolis with Paralmpyian Medalist Mark Mann and his lovely wife Rachael. Wonderful couple who have been through a lot as newlyweds. Mark , a Competitve wakeboarder, dove down to a avoid an oncoming boat who did not see him and lost both legs below the knee and nearly his life. With Rachael in the ambulance praying , Mark having lost huge amounts of blood and was slipping away. He miraculously recovered and is now a believer and that God has a special purpose for his life! He is a Paralympian Snowboarder and has received multiple medals. His calling is mentoring others and introducing them to Challenged Athletes Foundation for support! Great people who are dedicated to turning this challenge into making a difference to others!!Our dinner was a big reminder why we are doing this cross country cycling journey and raising funds for CAF! People like Mark are paying it forward and genuinely making life inspiring by  mentoring to others who are coming along behind them!! Thanks for giving and helping us help these wonderful people! Each dollar given is matched by friends and supporters who have given a $2 “match” for each dollar given CAF. Donations are easy to do, simply go to the drop down menu on the blog and click on Donate….a grateful thanks from the Road from Stache and his girlfriend 🚴👍!

The leaves are starting to change!


  1. Hey…Good Report. Thanks for sharing. Praying for you daily that His blessing will be upon you, and that that blessing shall be known by those around you. Take care…autumn…beautiful picture. Love to both of you.



  2. Always inspiring to read about your cycling, and more importantly, all the support for CAF and CAF athletes. And, thank you for the Most Amazing picture of the leaves turning, gorgeous. Best to both of you.


  3. How awesome is that trail, the wonderfully inspiring couple and the beautiful autumn tree!
    So proud of you two, what an inspiring, challenging, and generous adventure you are embarking on again! My love and best wishes for your success and safety going toward Maine! Love, Sister Sue


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