Final Post & Homeward Bound

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We had a great CAF turnout at Peace Coffee on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Minneapolis ! A half dozen CAF grant recipients and many family members joined us for coffee and community. It was a festive get together with Rui Rui rolling on instagram as we were engaging people who tuned in from far off places! Rui Rui , Bella and Kayley are all pals on the swim team and were missing practice to be with us. They all received grants to participate in an upcoming swim event in Wisconsin. As Amy described in her blog post about the sense of community in the CAF family (testimoniesfromatincan.wordpress) was very evident as these Challenged Athletes know and support each other! 

We enjoyed getting to know Shane who had his CAF shirt on and his family came with Boise State hats adorned in blue and orange colors! Shane could name every college mascot, I couldn’t stump him! ( yes he got the Aztecs!). We also met Mark and Mark, both are competing and receiving grants to take them to the next level of training and competitions. Both were very engaging and a delight to be with! Mark Mann ( on the left) lost both of his lower legs in a boating accident in 2013, he almost didn’t make it but had an incredibly powerful message that Amy shared in her blog. The other Mark is from Jamaica and has been quite successful in multiple competitions and he is uber outgoing!

Special thanks to Rui Rui who was our social media expert throughout! What a terrific and uplifting way to wrap up. The families were effusive in praising CAF and the grant process and so appreciative for the support, we witnessed the power of helping to create community! Amy and I committed to get the group back together in the fall when we come back to kick off the second half!! We look forward to seeing them all again. CAF gave out 20 grants in the Minneapolis area so we hope to have even more join us in the fall👍😊. 

Today we had some time to see some sights so we had to go to the largest mall in the US! Probably won’t come back in the fall, but it was amazing with roller coasters inside!!Thanks again for following along , thank you for your financial support for CAF …..we are homeward bound and posted out! We will back in the fall for more story telling and posts, thanks for following along have a great summer!


  1. Wow! Wow!! What a trip, what a challenge, what an impact you both have made to many challenged athletes, but how impressive you have been to us stay at homers reading about your adventure! Congrats, Brother Bill and sidekick Amy!! Very proud of you Both!
    Love, susie


  2. Bill Geppert—you are an AWESOME dude, as fine as anyone’s fine,

    thanks for shining the light, thanks for being the light,

    Beam On !!!

    Don’t ever stop—riding, or being you


    stealing bike wheels is a capital offense—correct ???

    Bill Walton

    Nick Roth
    Partner with Bill Walton
    SD Sport Innovators (SDSI)


    1. Thanks Bill W you and Duane were the first inspiration to start and in sure forever grateful to you both!! Wheel theft is serious stuff , I think I’m going to bring my Holland back for the second half, still have wheels on it😊👍🚴!!


  3. Absolutely incredible, Bill! – Thoroughly enjoyed all of the posts, especially the Final with all of the CAF grantees from the area. Congrats and best of luck with the next round in the Fall.



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