Final Day 

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All done! Finished up the first half of this journey yesterday in a very cold and rain plagued day, but gotter done!! My feet were frozen with two pair of socks, two pair of shoes and two pair of rain shoes all soaked! Not the best day for riding ( I saw no one else riding on Saturday!) but we really had very good weather most of the time.  Half way point ; 1,754 miles completed (averaged 14 mph),  was in the saddle for 128 hours and we had no flat tires!! I didn’t mention no flats before as it’s bad cycling luck, well I woke up this morning at our B&B in St Paul and walked out to the RV and no tires😳! My lock didn’t go through my tires and they were stolen. Good thing it happened now as we are done for the summer. Oh well they can be replaced and someone clearly needed them more than I do!😬Quaint B&B in a beautiful park area right on Lake Como , we walked down to where symphony was playing last night outdoors (40 degrees and raining) people were bundled up and enjoying the music! 

Bob Kaplan (another cycling buddy) who grew up here in Minneapolis said he had been to the nearby zoo ( the area is like our Balboa) when he was younger and a baboon spit at him in the face and he hasn’t been right (or back there since!)…….hilarious!😂

This pretty covered bridge in Holdingford Minnesota on the Trail was interesting , the town is famous as being the “moonshine capital”  in its day. Their brand was Minnesota 13 and people from all over would come to get their libation supply!

We are packing up the Motorhome and bikes for storage today,  washing clothes and going to meet with CAF grant recipients from the Minneapolis area , there are 20 and they have all been invited…..a great finale!!👍


  1. Well done! Your dedication for people like myself is amazing. Thank you! Enjoy some rest and recovery.


    1. So unlike Minnesota nice to have someone take your wheel!!
      Thanks for reminding me of a traumatic childhood event!! Hilarious is right!


  2. Congratulations Bill & Amy. We enjoyed traveling with you via your posts. Look forward to round two!!!

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  3. Hi Bill,

    Thanks very much for the updates across the country.

    I have been out of the country the last month, so I have gotten the messages in gushes—and not always in the right order. It looked like North Dakota was west of Montana. But a great trip and great stories. (I was sorry to miss the day you caught the Copper River salmon barehanded.) I am now in DC to clean up things, but will be home before the end of the week—I will sort the stops out once I can download everything.

    CAF was something I had heard a little about, but was not really familiar with before reading the Cycler Odyssey. I appreciate knowing more and will add my name to the list when the journey picks up again.

    When you resume the journey, you may need to go a couple of hundred miles south any you can visit Spirit Lake/Okoboji (where I grew up—I know that will be a great attraction). If you time it right, you could do the RAGBRAI ride (the history is here that will be very close to Spirit Lake in July. Cold weather will not be a problem.

    Congratulations. All the best–



  4. Hip hip Hooray!! You did it !!! Quite an amazing ride. I’m so thankful you didn’t need to ride anymore after today !! Crazy timing for a theft !! I’m so happy for you and all those your adventure touches. What a blessing. Thank you Lord for your protection of these great friends.
    Safe travels as you head to San Diego. Bill and Greta


  5. Bill and Amy,
    It has been a joy reading your daily posts. What a wonderful accomplishment. You both touched my heart and I feel like I was right there riding with you. You’ve seen some amazing scenery, increased your fitness, met incredible people, and most importantly, shared your passion for service to those who have “extra” challenges and how we all can rise to the occasion to help others. Your journey has been inspirational and I look forward to following you in the fall…not stalker kind of following…but following none-the-less:)


  6. Bill and Amy,

    Congrats on reaching Minnesota. Sounds like a great trip so far. Sorry about the wheels but you probably need a new set by now. Time to go shopping.

    Can’t wait to see Part 2 in the fall.

    Jim and Mary


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