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You know your in Minnesota when you see lakes and you hear Garrison Keillor’s voice ( “it’s a shallow life that doesn’t give a person a few scars “) as you gaze at the farms , lakes and towns while riding by. You feel as though you know the people here.  The Rail Trail is nearly 200 miles long and perfect for riding, safe and smooth! We are now on the Wobegon portion which runs by Lake Wobegon,

Amy has amped up her riding and hit 40 miles today!! When I told Tom Fisher (a riding buddy) before we left that Amy said that some days she just wanted to “like riding a little bit” and then on a good day she thought she was maxing out on endorphins! Tom said yeah riding a bike is sometimes like having a colonoscopy and other days it’s like being on OxyContin! Of course he doesn’t know what that’s like but of course we do know what the other is 😳! Amy was on the Oxyside of it today, fired up and feeling strong!!Yes I have covered 1,722 miles , burned 100,350 calories , climbed 45,700 feet  , been on my BH bike for 125 hours over the past 30 days! My tail end can’t sit for more than 20 minutes , so it must be time to wrap it up for the summer!    You have given generously to CAF and together we have raised over $107,200 (so far) for these determined athletes like Rachel, Sam, Hassan, Megan , Kolton and of course my Boise pal Willie!! What a difference a grant can make in the life of someone who faces even bigger challenges then we do. These are people of character who aren’t living shallow lives as Keillor talks about , rather they are taking their scars and building mountains of achievement through a passion for sports, sheer determination and a ton of hard work! Yes they are each inspiring in so many ways!! Know that you have contributed to people whose lives are changing and by virtue of knowing their story we are indeed impacted and changed as well. Tomorrow it will rain and the cold has returned but as Bill Walton told me, when I started this journey, “You will realize when it’s tough and you wonder why you chose to do this crazy deal of riding your bike all day …..and then you’ll know that you are one of the luckiest people on earth!!” I do know that now and feel even more blessed by virtue our journey….he was right we are lucky to be able to do this together and get to know these interesting athletes , raise funds for a cause we care about and have this shared adventure 👍😊! Thanks for being with us along the way!!

Go where the path leads you……Minneapolis is next and our final stop for the summer. We meet a collection of CAF grant recipients in the Minneapolis area Sunday! We are looking forward to it!! The work and mission of CAF is important and I was fortunate to have served in leadership at CAF , as a board member and we are both passionate supporters for the cause. This foundation makes a difference in the lives of many and we appreciate your generosity in supporting these challenged athletes!! Willie and I both thank you! Onward we go……


  1. Congrats to you, Bill and Amy! I have enjoyed vicariously your biking adventure and been inspired to do something amazing too! You have made a difference in many people’s lives and that is the absolute best thing you can hope to do in this life!

    XOXo! Mary

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  2. Well done Mr. Bill. Great journey for a worthy cause. Safe travels home 🏡

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  3. Dear Amy and Bill, Unbelievable journey, we’ve been with you everyday in spirit and on the internet. What an inspiration! All our best, Andrea and Mike


  4. So excited tiubsre in Minnesota. It’s absolute beautiful. I’m so touched by the people , places and stories you are sharing. I’m am especially inspired by Amy getting to 40 miles in one day. OMG. Where did you put my good friend Amy that hadn’t ridden 40 miles in a year??? If you find her… please take care of her
    Be safe. We send our love and prayers. Bill n Greta


  5. Awesome work Bill and Amy. You guys are amazing and blessing so many. Excited to see you guys soon. Take care and God bless your final leg.


    Thomas Netzel
    Marine & Shipping Manager
    Sempra LNG & Midstream
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