Breezy Mothers Day

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Amy gliding along on Mothers DayπŸ‘πŸ˜Š! We wish all Mom’s the very best on this Mothers Day. We were both blessed with wonderful Mom’s who shaped much of who we are as people! Amy spent the first half of the day hearing from our kids and that filled her cup! She is a great and nurturing Mom who is much beloved! We got away late in the day and I was lamenting the days ride, then magic, a breeze at our backs!! I rode my longest single day distance 77 miles and then coaxed Amy into riding and she breezed to 25 miles at a brisk 20mph clip! After she said,  “I really like this πŸ˜‰”!! 

Last night we stayed near Fargo ( 1,500 miles in!) at an out of the way B&B Volden Farm. What a treat, remote yes, unique more than you can imagine! Joanne is a widow in her 80’s and opens her home up to us, it was like staying with a dear Grandmother!

 She cooked dinner and ate with us, told stories of her family and listened intently to our stories and mission. We slept on the porch after a tour of the bunkhouse barn ( picture above) and the home which was more museum than farmhouse. 

This morning we had a huge farm raised breakfast 🍳 , a sit on the porch and lots of coffee. We reluctantly departed feeling like we had been part of Joanne’s family and doused with the love of the farm. Special place , special lady, special time!!

We are in Fargo tonight leaving North Dakota behind with memories made, tonight we meet Kolton ( a grant recipient ) and his family for dinner! Only 4 more days of riding in Minnesota and then home for the summer, ah yes home! 🏑 


  1. Wow you two are conquering those miles. I am so proud and impressed with your grit and determination. The adventure of a lifetime with a great commitment to help others. Such a great stop you made last night at the barn. Perfect after that long ride. One more mile or two. We’re cheering you on!!! Greta n Bill


  2. Laverne! Middle of nowhere. With the finest people in the Union.

    I must be a farm boy.


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    1. How did you know Laverne and it is in the middle of nowhere! Farmland….they are all working to plow the fields with these huge machines. Fascinating to watch! A lot of wind turbines there now as well.
      Off to rails to trails in Minnesota toward St Paul. Lake country weather not as good today much cooler and heavy southwest wind 😬


  3. I am so impressed with how well you have done! 77 miles is awesome! Amy is becoming quite the cyclist too. I love reading your blog. I am excited for you that you will soon be breaking for summer, but I will miss reading about your adventures! Enjoy these last days!


  4. Tailwind…sweet!

    Amy looks great on that bike. Stylish. Good form. Solid gear. Safety-minded. A big smile. All the critical elements.


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