Welcome Badlands!

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We spent a week riding through Montana couldn’t be happier to be in North Dakota!! Finished 1,300 miles only 400 to go until summer break ( Amy is singing hallelujah 👍). We are staying in Medora which is a quaint town located right next to the enormous Teddy Roosevelt National Park. Taking a much needed day off tomorrow ( Amy says I’m grumpy riding into the wind and having trouble sitting!). So a round of golf at the Bully Pulpit GC ( famous BadLands Public Course) and a hike should do the trick!😊

Amy spotted another Wagonwheel Campground, I asked her if it was a “chain”? Fortunately it wasn’t at the right point on our journey 😬, so we thankfully passed ( she didn’t see Phil there). We did find a spot in Makoshika state park in Glendive and dry camped. That means no water or electric. Took my first shower in the Tin Can, lucky to make it through that experience alive , more dangerous than riding!! 

Pretty spot but only two other Rv’s there , both the same make and model as ours. We are staying in a hotel the next two nights and having a regular hot shower😉! 

Here is picture of charming Medora ,  it’s before their season so no one is here, but temp is in high 70’s so perfect for visit , we have the town to ourselves! Good thing as the Stache tried to ditch the bike for a wagon ( got stuck😳)!

Here is Amy in front of the Old Muslum Courthouse built in 1903!?

So far we love the badlands of North Dakota!!😉


  1. love the rhythm Bill and Amy! Thanks for the candid sharing….however Bill in the RV shower is not a visual I needed tonight….you were missed at CAF grant night….much love and admiration….Dean and Carol.


  2. Looks like a great experience. Nice work on the bike and awesome that you are helping some people in need by all your hard work. Love all the commentary!


  3. Proud of you guys! I remember our January conversation in San Diego…..Billy Gepp, you are at the point in the journey that you need to be finding ways to talk about “feelings” every chance you get. A word to the wise is sufficient!
    Billy Mitch


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