Still Riding in Montana

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Man this is one big state (554 miles)!! Still riding and experiencing the differences and beauty!We have been in The Tin Can the last few nights & got rocked with a huge thunderstorm and high winds night before last. We felt safe because we were staying at the WagonWheel Campground! Amy didn’t want to stay at this remote , romantic by the river dry camping place (no one else there) so we ended up with electric hookups and water at a really “nice” place with lots of friends!

Should have known we were at the right spot when Amy checked in with owner Phil, who once hearing about why we were riding across America (to help Challenged Athletes)  he tore open his shirt to show Amy his huge open heart surgery scar…. clearly “challenged” in his own right! Amy was impressed ( see her blog for a better version of this story at: testimoniesfromatincan.wordpress) and she booked us for the night😳!  After we settled in with the Harley riders ,western cowboys and a few Raider fans ( yes proudly wearing their Raider gear) we knew we were deep in Montana! Last night we were back staying in a vintage B&B …….hallejuah 😊!!

We had 3 days of riding into headwinds and really warm weather , cooler yesterday after the storms but tailwinds at our back!  Makes about a 5-7+mph difference in speed , which really adds up in 4+ hours of riding and time in the saddle😬. We have enjoyed being unplugged from the media and into our routines. We go from tunafish and noodles for dinner to Montana’s finest in every town-meat!

Two more days , 125 more miles and we will be in North Dakota our 6th state. Thanks again to each of you who have generously donated to CAF👍! We have raised over $92,000 in 3 weeks, we are both overwhelmed with your kind support. Each dollar donated is matched ( Jim and Kathy Waring matched $5k and Tom and Cookie Sudberry matched another $10k!!). Our total matching gifts are now over $70,000😊!

So for every $1.00 donation you have given to CAF,  $2.00 additional dollars are matched to help these very special people participate in sports! All funds will go directly to grants for Challenged Athletes like Sam ( picture above), Rachel and Hassan….thank you, thank you, thank you!!


  1. Hey, Big Timber! Been through it often, kinda on the way between Edmonton and Florida.

    Glad you are playing Bully’s Pulpit and anxious to know how you liked it. Enjoy the badlands, you have several miles of the plains (well named!) ahead of you. Hope you get more tailwinds.


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