Baseball Sam & Yellowstone

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River Bandits 3rd baseman, Sam, was a big hit with us!! We met Sam at his neighborhood ball field with his family for a “pitch and catch”. If I threw it over the plate he nailed it. Sam had an aorta issue when he was very young and Tiffany, his Mom, said they almost lost him. He did lose his leg below the knee. This energetic 10 year old loves baseball and with his CAF grant he is getting specialized coaching and a ball machine to improve his skills. I wanted to keep playing ball with him (instead of riding) as he was so into it and the day together was perfect! 

The local media came out and covered our visit (Ted the CBS Sports Director was formerly at KUSI!), plus the local newspaper reporter (young woman named Sam!) ernestly spent time interviewing us and taking many pictures. While I explained CAF’s involvement , Sam was the real star ⭐️. He comfortably told his story and charmed us all!

Tiffany, Sam , his Grandmother Laurie and Sam’s brothers and sisters were all there ( taking a day off school) to celebrate Sam’s grant on this beautiful Montana day! We also have connected Sam with Eduardo ( CAF mentor) who lives in Bozeman to help encourage Sam as he pursues his love of sports. Great day , great young man , great family and Sam has a great arm!      

Old Faithful (the geyser) blew its top at 3 minutes past 1:23pm , its anticipated erupting time! Yellowstone is enormous and full of wildlife; Bears, Bison, Elk , Deer , Eagles and  Asian Tourists were every where!!

These big guys would be sauntering down the middle of the road at times like they owned the place, well I guess they do ( see Amy’s blog)!

 Mama Grizzly Bear and her cub were spotted from a safe distance😬! We spent the entire day driving through this magnificent national park.  The thermal geyser pools were fascinating and breathtaking. After a very sunny day at Yellowstone and meeting Sam we were back on the road. The temps hit the mid 80’s and while we had a headwind slowing us down the breeze kept us cooler. I have now ridden over 1,000 miles , averaging 14 mph and nearly 4 hours of “seat time” per day (My poor rump is feeling it!) and I’ve been locked out of the RV multiple times😳. The athletes we have met and sheer beauty we witness every day are fuel for our souls. We wouldn’t trade this experience for anything👍! Thanks for your comments , encouragement , and following along with us and of course for your generous donations to CAF😊!! Onward🚴


  1. Really special Bill! What a great CAF Ambassador you are!! Thank you for touching lives across the country!


  2. Bill and Amy,
    What a great adventure for a worthy cause! Our son lives in Bozeman and we have visited Montana several times. A truly magnificent state. Safe travels.
    Steve and Kristen Earle


    1. Thanks Steve! We liked Bozeman good people and pretty country for sure! Thanks for your encouraging message , we carry on 1,100 miles in and we are in somewhere Montana tonight!
      Hope your scoring well and best to our Steele golfing pals!! Thanks to you both!


  3. Wow! Beautiful Yellowstone and what a tribute to Sam ! How fascinating that You are meeting these CAF athletes along the way and also spreading the Word about the foundation! I did not realize that that was the real purpose of this trip! What an adventure for you both!😀😀😀👍🚴🚴

    We have returned home from our shirt venture to Palm Beach, had a nice time And ended up joining the Marriott Vacation Club– we do plan to travel more In these next years, before we can’t. We are home now until June 17 when we meet you at St George! Can’t wait For that! We will get DETAILS about your trip by the dozens, I hope! Love and safe travels to you!❤️❤️❤️❤️🚵🚵 Susie

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  4. Bill and Amy,
    Surely the trip of a lifetime. So many great sites and stops along the way. I’m jealous…truly jealous of this trip.

    That has to be your first on-air interview in Spandex. Another first!



  5. Love this!! It was so great to meet you!! Sam loves his CAF sports player cards and is so happy he got to play a little ball with you. It made his heart so happy to be on the news and be a star!! Thank you for doing what you do!! God speed to you!! 😊😊


    1. Thanks Tiffany being with your family made our day! Sam was a delight to be with I’m glad he is enjoying the cards , some inspiring stories each!
      He is a star ⭐️!!


  6. Bill and Amy,
    I’ve been following every post of your journey and feel so inspired by the challenge you are undertaking, the love you are passing along with those you meet, and the awareness you are creating for CAF. The stories are heartwarming, fun and beautiful, and the scenery is spectacular. Thanks for taking me along on your journey and inspiring me every day. Sending strength, stamina, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, and love your way!! Cami Mattson


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