Oh Montana!

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Everywhere you look in Montana its jaw dropping beauty! Big Sky and stunning snow capped mountains in all directions. Just when you think it can’t get more maginficent it does!! We are near Bozeman  staying at a Gattalin River Lodge , spectacular place with great dinner companions right outside our window. (if you ever want to learn to fly fish this is the place!). The rooms aren’t bad either especially after staying at the haunted Boulder Hot Springs Hotel ( Amy said there was a ghostly woman hovering in our room last night! 😳).  The place was built in 1800’s during gold rush, and its decor and card games participants were priceless! Reminded us of the movie The Shining!! We were in Boulder to see our friends who have retired there,  the Binkowski’s. Bruce ran the Holiday Bowl for 30 years and was the announcer at Qualcomm for the Padres and Chargers  ( you know his voice!) and Christina his wife was a a cop. They retired to Montana last year and have this great place on the mountain overlooking Boulder (pop 1200). As we all find our purpose after retiring in our next chapter, Bruce is the events director for Jefferson county and organizes rodeo’s and music festivals , coaches the freshman basketball team in the winter ( they went 7-8!) and does voice overs for the local Helena TV station. Christina helps out at the health clinic , enters local sewing contests ( and wins!) and shoots her guns whenever she wants! We were both impressed by how they know everyone and are giving back with their talents in a very different way and loving it!Back in Missoula Montana  our friends Ed Campbell ( CAF riding buddy) and his wife Susan Taylor ( of local TV NBC news fame) sent us a note and said they were treating us to dinner at The Depot in Missoula! Ed apparently worked there as a college student while attending the University of Montana and he knows the owners! So Eddie “the flea ” ( cause he ran the 440 in college) the GM took extra super care of us ….big time, check out this blackened Prime Rib….it was phenomenal ( especially after riding all day on our bikes!). Proud to say there was nothing left! A huge thanks to Ed and Susan for this special treat!! Tomorrow we take the day off , drive to Yellowstone to see the sights! We have covered over 900 miles so far and the weather has turned spectacular with temps in the 70’s and warm clear forecasts in front of us! Amy rode a record today of over 30 miles ( she passed out on the bed when we got to the lodge!) very proud of her riding!  We meet Samuel a 10 year old CAF grant recipient on Friday in Bozeman and we are both looking forward to that! Onward we go and what a beautiful country we live in! Thanks for following us!👍😊


  1. Gepperts: we have done 25 years of church planting near Bozeman/Manhattan, MT area. our good friend Pastor William Johnson can help you if needed in that area. Yes, some of the prettiest country in the USA! Think of the Mitchells when you stand today and look at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone! ONE More Mile for Jesus!


  2. Thanks for the update, I read them all with much interest. I’ve been through Boulder many times on way from Edmonton to California. Even in the 60’s before the “new” road to Butte was built. Nice area.

    You’ll get plenty of “Big Sky” over the next few weeks. You’ll be able to make many miles if you have a tail wind. Prevailing wind is from the northwest so you should be lucky.



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    1. Thanks Pat! Roads were good through Boulder all recently redone. Weather has turned and will be really warm in the 80’s!! Hoping for that tailwind👍. Yellowstone today😊


  3. Bill, I’ve been sending you and Amy personal emails rather than commenting on your blog but here goes: Fabulous trip. Wonderful that you meet CAF athletes and grant recipients along the way; inspiring! Great stories and beautiful photographs. And, as in this blog, connecting with old friends. It can’t get better than that! Blessings for every mile: I love the “one more mile for Jesus.” Love!!


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