Resilient Megan in Missoula

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We had the pleasure of meeting Megan one of our amazing Challenged Athletes who has received CAF grants. Each of these athletes we are spending time with have a special ingredient and abundance of tenacity, resilience, persistence….it’s palpable when you meet with each! As Megan shared her story with us (her best friend Sarah who died in the car accident where Megan lost her leg) she knows Sarah is watching down and she doesnt want her to see her not doing everything she can with what she has……”I want to be resilient”! What has she done, well it’s nothing short of remarkable!!   One year after this tragic accident she competed in her first triathalon. A tennis player at Univ of Montana she returned to teach tennis while getting her Doctorate in physical therapy so she can help others push their boundaries. Oh and she continues to compete against able-body athletes in sprints and triathalons ,  she has won 24hr endurance mountain bike races, cycling and triathlons events. Megan’s hard work and training was rewarded with a gold and silver medal in the 2012 Paralympic’s in London and overcoming the stomach illness she won a silver and bronze medal in Rio in the 2016 Paralympic’s. 

When we left her Sunday evening after she walked us around downtown Missoula, had dinner together and dropped her (and her endearing service dog Betsy) off at her cute house with a garden out front, Amy turned to me and said ” that is one very special young lady”! We were both truly blessed to spend time with Megan, you could see this determined twinkle in her eye as she looks forward to competing in Leadville races coming up, but her sweet soul shown through with an equally resilient spirit that wants to help others find their purpose and personal success. We are rooting for you Megan!

Sunday was a day of rest, doing laundry ( yes that’s me trying to get my stuff out of the washer!) getting the RV to the the dreaded dump station (readAmy’sblog) restocking at the supermarket and visiting Adventure Cycling HQ  (they provide all the detailed maps we are using for our routing). 

We found this place called Sweet Dreams for a Caramel and nut sundae….wow was it good!!    So we rolled out of Missoula this morning and rode 61 Montana miles to Ovando. Staying in a really nice smallish town (pop199) at the local Inn! Now I have surprised Amy with some really nice B&B places along the way and we passed a super exclusive ranch nearby called “Paws Up”. I had to weigh $1400 a night at Paws Up or $75 at the Ovando Inn?!?

I think this place is really nice, Fred the Innkeeper said if it was up to him he would sleep in the RV?! To impress Amy further we went out to dinner at the famous local resturant Trixi’s! 

Food was great, lots of calories!  If your ever in Ovando you can’t miss it !

Loving Montana and many more nights to go!!


  1. Proud of you, my friend! that is a long way….. do you realize that if i could have hit my driver 250 yards, i would have taken 7040 stokes to now on your trail! Of course, i haven’t hit a 250 yd drive in ages….. well, maybe so at the top of the rockies there i could get one 250 downhill, down wind!!!!! HA….. be safe, be joyful……it is a day HE has made, rejoice and be glad in it!


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