Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty as in the Lochsa river which meanders through the northern Idaho mountains in stunning fashion for over 100 miles. Riding right next to the boiling white water and surrounded by mesmerizing mountains is something to behold! The Beast is the weather we have been through hail, rain all one day and cold ( low 40’s). You know it might be tough when you see snow alongside the rode, but we ride on!! 

We have now covered over 700 miles and we are 50 miles ahead of schedule! We are both impressed with the “Undaunted Courage” that Lewis & Clark and their expedition experienced (see Amy’s post for more perspective: the awe they must have felt and the challenges of this vast part of the country were daunting and with no internet! 

Good news no more Yurts! Amy is very happy with our cabin at the Lochsa Lodge 👍. Great place and first time we have been on the internet ( spotty but a connection) for a couple of days! We had smoked Trout last night with crackers and sour cream  (best ever) and I caught up on NFL Draft news and the Wizards playoff win! Each day begins to run into the next , it’s hard to know what day it is?! 😳 We have a routine and try not to bump into each other in the Tin Can😬. We are both riding today and this is a picture of Amy climbing up to the pass!!

The old workhorse the BH Prisma has been stellar, this is my first bike , a Spanish made bike from Bill Holland that BillW had put together for me. While I have a new fancy Holland at home I decided to leave it in warm SD and bring the BH and she has been a trouper , resilient as ever through all sorts of conditions! Tomorrow we meet Megan from Missoula who is a world class competitive Paralympic gold medalist!!👍


  1. Beautiful scenery.

    An unshaven and somewhat bearded Bill Geppert?!? What? That, for me, is like seeing Sasquatch.


  2. Bill and Amy

    I am proud of you both for this “epic”, also a little envious. I know the areas of Idaho and Montana you are traveling. Beautiful part of the country. Good cycling.

    John Dunn


  3. Way to go Bill, most impressive and inspirational. Especially enjoyed your story about Hassan, quite a guy. Now about that beard, how low will it grow??


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