Idaho Bound 

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We have passed through Oregon and Washington only 10 more States to go!! Idaho is so serene and beautiful , rolling Ireland like  green hills with farms everywhere. The horses and cows roadside look at me with this blank stare, why are you riding that thing?! I can hear my Father- in- Law CW ( he was a fine southern gentleman) saying “ya know Billy for a few more dollars  you could have taken a bus and gotten there a lot quicker”. Yet undaunted  I pedal on, as though I’m searching for some mystical place?!😳

Last night we were in Moscow ( no we aren’t that far off course!) to see our nephew James. He is finishing up his graduate degree in accounting at University of Idaho. He likes to read through arcane accounting books for fun that are a foot thick. He is a good egg and it was just good to be with  family!!😊

Well today we had our first couple of hiccups! Amy rode 20 miles and had the time of her life (see below)…….she has ridden over 100 miles!!👍

She then left me on a 25 mile backroad to meet up at an agreed to locale. After 20 miles (mostly uphill!) I had not passed one store and my water was gone and no food or Amy!!😬 Meanwhile she is lost on another country rode in the RV with no phone reception. Thankfully  we reconnected before panic set in and we found our campground. Hiccup #2, I have secured a Yurt for the night! Won’t that be fun?! I wasn’t really sure what it was until Amy stepped in and said she didn’t sign up for this?!😰

So back to B&B’s tomorrow and better meeting times and locales!! We are 40 miles ahead of schedule and 565miles of cycling completed and making progress…..  however riding 7 days in a row is beyond good planning,  the ole backside needs some time away from the anvil I have been sitting on 5 hours a day! Today we left from high elevation and Yurt ⛺️, temp was mid-40’s our coldest so far. Bundle up and on we go👍.


  1. We are really enjoying following your progress.

    The bumps in the road and the “Yurts in the night” make the best stories.


  2. Hey Bill, John & I just pulled into our Double A Ranch in Coeur d’Alene, 20 mi south of town,
    Bet you rode right past our place if you came up Hwy 95 from Moscow. They’re still talking ’bout that
    Long legged guy flying thru here. Yep! It’s God’s country.


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