Cruisin Lewis & Clark Trail

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Yesterday was a breeze, spectacular scenery , a solid tailwind and the sun came out…so it was nice and warm😊🚴.  I rode 65 miles at a 16.5mph clip with 2,500 ft of climbing! I thought I was Cycle star⭐️!!  (Scott Rhodes would be proud!).   Aw….but today with a head wind all day it was a different story , a real slog at a 4 mph slower pace 😥 with 1/2 the climb and the terrain is Butte- ified, one flat top after another.  I kept looking down the road for that hot air ballloon you see at the eye doctor but never got there?? There are no towns, no resturants or B&B’s just RV parks and truck stop fried chicken in our Tin Can!😳

Break through day for Amy, she  rode this morning and was a star ⭐️ as she went solo, riding over 20 miles as I did the “sag wagon” for her 😉. She climbed hills and rode strong (although a lot of  pre-nervousness) , now she is more comfortable👍!

We did stop at Maryville Winery last evening, a beautiful place with a concert venue ( Santana, Steve Winwood, Michael McDonald etc.). We were there strictly for medicinal reasons!!🕵🏻 Now we are relaxing at a really nice “Sports bar” in Ulmatilla. Sitting next to a charming group of drunk hunters who are retelling successful outings , all talking at once , seeing who can accentuate their story best with staccato delivery of expletives!😬

Don’t let the smile fool you …..I am worn out, toast, spent , worthless , put a🍴fork in me!   First week done, 6 days of riding  , 330 miles & 10k feet of climbing and many hours on the road! We feel accomplished!! 👍


  1. Great progress you two. The trail you’re near where Lewis and Clark explored is beautiful country. I read Undaunted Courage several years ago and visualized the contrast of beautiful country and scare you out of your mind fear they must have experienced. Hope your journey has only the beauty.


  2. Nice Job on your first week completed! You are awesome! I love your description of the drunk hunters. I am glad that you are able to find the humor in situations despite being dead tired! Also, impressed with Amy’s 20 miler too!


  3. Billy, what an inspiration you are! Let me know when you are up in Minneapolis. Maybe I can come up and show you around my old home town. Be safe! Mark


    1. Big Norm! Great hearing from you we will be in Minneapolis around May 18th. Hey do you know anyone where we can park our RV indoors there by chance for summer? Best to you and the fam, thanks for following us!


  4. Bill and Amy,
    Audrey and I were in Santa Luz yesterday and she said, “don’t the Gepperts live here?” I replied yes. She then asked if we were going to stop by to see you. I told her you were riding across American and she said “Oh, just like Forest Gump .” From the mouths of babes! God speed my friends.


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