Portland to Columbia Gorge 

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Portland is a biking Mecca; more bike paths , lights for bikers, bridges and routes than anyplace I have ever been! Picture here on bike path with Amy , city in background . Got lost in the city  for awhile when leaving ,  pedestrian called me something-hole 😳 but other than that the B&B ( below) was great and the mushroom soup was out of this worldly (may have been something extra in the ingredients?!)

Cycled 160 miles in 3 days, today had my first ride in the rain ☔️ for about 2 hrs! Staying in Skamania Lodge tonight 😉 sitting next to fireplace 🔥 drying out! 

Welcome to the many new followers and supporters👍 thanks for joining us!!


  1. Sitting on my sore bum after a small mishap with Judy Fisher and 2 bikes, I’m greatful to be reading all about your adventures and live vicariously through you. Be safe! Deanna


  2. How fun to watch your progress ! Evening respite looks wonderful! I know it’s not as luxurious as the motor home! Hugs and prayers for safety! Susie and Pat Sent from my iPad



  3. Bill and Amy this is just remarkable what you’re doing! I’m so looking forward to hearing all about the twists and turns along your road of adventure and philanthropy. Love it and you two. Be safe and keep riding and writing!


  4. Can’t wait for the mushroom soup party at your house when you get back. Stay safe and praying for you guys.


  5. Bill and Amy,
    What a fantastic adventure you two will have…I envy your courage to take on such a physical challenge, but what a wonderful
    way to see the northern tier of the U.S.
    Barbara and I will be with you for the next few months…
    Best of luck and stay safe…


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