We are Rolling!

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Day One we rode from Oregon coast to St Helens 75 miles are done ( only 3425 to go😳!). Perfect weather mid 60’s with no wind ( or snow!) 👍thanks to all of you for well wishes and prayers! Amy and I rode 15 miles through Fort Stevens a beautiful former military base next to the Pacific in the far northern corner of Oregon. She then let me hit the road for my 🚴 60 miler, a good 1st day with fresh legs! Now the first night in the RV was a different story 😬 blown fuses, faucets didn’t work , banging my head on well most anything, it was a growing experience! Amy keeps locking me out of the RV , not sure what that’s about?! Tonight we are in B&B and all is good 😊. A Happy Easter to all of you from the Gepp’s! 


  1. Sounds like a great start! What’s a few head bangers and blown fuses as long as you had a good ride. Enjoy the B&B and praying for you both. He is risen!! Nothing can be awry for He is with you and growing you together, closer to Him, and joy in all circumstances. So excited for you guys!


  2. I would love to wave hello as you bike thru Downtown Portland (where I work) to the Gorge! Today was the warmest day we’ve had all year. Go Bill and Amy!


    1. Laurie
      Sorry I missed you I stopped along the river around 9:30am the other day but it was raining and was sorry I didn’t get to see you! Thanks for trying to connect , I hope your life in Portland is well!! Sure is pretty up here👍😊


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