Family Sendoff

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Sunday night our family got together for dinner and they surprised us with cake , since we are missing birthdays , Easter and important events. They also gave us an Adventure Book capturing prior family adventures ( I think they wanted to go with us?!). Here is my wife Amy enjoying the treats. We are blessed by our loving family!


  1. That is so inspiring! What an epic journey for both you and Amy. Be safe and have a great ride!!!
    Ted & Deanna


    1. Deanna
      Thanks for your nice note! I heard you took a spill Sunday at the Fondo. I hope your healing and didn’t get injured?! Sorry To hear Im rooting for a speedy recovery!
      Best to you and Ted! check out the blog today gray story about CAF grant recipient Rachel Corey in Boise

      We are rolling to Oregon coast!


  2. Love you guys and excited to hear through all your blogs. Accept my “Find My Friends” invitation by tapping the app and it should ask you to accept. Take care a praying for you and Amy


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